• What is it?

What is it?

What is liquid vinyl?

What is Nautical Liquid Vinyl?

It‘s a paint that’s applied in liquid form and once dry, becomes a vinyl.

Trident Nautic is basically an elastomer manufactured with very high quality additive resins that, once dry, can be removed, like an adhesive or vinyl, without leaving a trace and thus making the process extremely simple and fast. It is a removable paint with multiple applications, both for the exterior and interior of your boat, optimized and designed exclusively for the NAUTICAL sector.


What is the maximum duration of Trident Nautic?

Under optimal conditions, our vinyl paint can last for over 6 years. The paint is considered to have outlasted its sell by date once it loses its elasticity, and the ability to be cleanly peeled off the surface.

 In practice, and with proper maintenance, the paint’s properties will normally last between 3 to 4 years, since there are inevitable factors that will affect the paint, like scratches, external blows, etc. The product’s useful lifespan can be lengthened however by applying a topcoat.

What degree of coverage does Trident Nautic offer?

A 4 L. can = 4 m2 approx. (0,16 to 0,2mm is recommended). A 25 L. can = 25 m2 approx. (0.16 to 0.2mm recommended)

 * Coverage is approximate, and will depend largely on the colour and condition of the surface to be painted.

Does Trident Nautic offer different types of finishes?

Yes, TRIDENT NAUTIC has a wide range of different finishes, effects and colours.

 Featuring High Gloss lacquered finishes for vinyl protection and to increase durability, offering excellent resistance on exterior and interior surfaces, does not yellow and protects the colour from UV rays.

How well does Trident Nautic withstand weather changes?

Trident Nautic is an excellent ally in the face of extreme weather conditions. Its elastic capacity is higher than 300% at 20oC and although it varies in very cold or very hot climates, it will always be able to adapt to changing climate without experiencing any major problems.

What is the maximum temperature Trident Nautic can resist?

The maximum temperature Trident Nautic can withstand without suffering any problems is 80oC, it remains effective at 90oC, and from 100oC can suffer structural damages.

Can Trident Nautic be used to restore cockpits?

YES. Painting the interior of your cockpit is one of its multiple uses. It’s important to make sure all the surfaces are fully degreased and the paint is firmly applied.

Can it ignite once dry?

Once dry it will not ignite, even at very high temperatures, but it will melt and become unusable.

Is Trident Nautic resistant to chemicals?

Trident Nautic has a superb resistance to acids, alkalis and the most common cleaning chemicals.

What guarantee does Trident Nautic offer?

As legislated, Trident Nautic offers 4 to 6 years guarantee on its product. Application by unqualified personnel or misuse of the product is not covered.

Can it be repaired?

Yes. Thanks to its liquid state, we can carry out repairs without leaving a "patch", as it is levelled with self-leveling additives.

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