We have developed an innovative product, resistant
    to fender rub, speed impacts, abrasion, humidity and UV

    * For warranty purposes, it will only be valid as long as the work has been done by a painter who has the application certificate

Our Services
Our services are aimed at developing and providing our clients with an optimal product and performance


We will paint your boat for you and look after it as if it were our own


We aim to provide this amazing nautical product to a worldwide audience


Our professional research and development team is committed to continuous product improvement

Nautical Liquid Vinyl
Liquid vinyl, as it’s name suggests, is a very particular kind of paint, which is applied in liquid form and then solidifies once dry into a vinyl state. It is a highly innovative product and the only one of its kind to have been fully developed in Spain, under strict guidelines of quality and efficiency.
Our product has been tested on systems reproducing the most common types of damage, such as fender rub, speed impacts, abrasion, humidity and UV rays. It doesn’t affect the original surface or leave any residue behind, and it can be used for a multitude of different applications; hull, interiors, cockpit, fly bridge etc.
Another of the great advantages of our nautical liquid vinyl is that should you wish to change the colour there is no need to waste valuable time sanding and with other conventional methods. This product can be removed by simply pealing it off and you will find the surface as it was prior to painting.
Furthermore, we offer a wide range of colours, available and ready to use, without the need for an additional thinner.
Before and after
with our nautical
liquid vinyl
See the quality of our product for yourself with these before and after photos of clients’ boats painted with our nautical liquid vinyl.
Our palette of colours
We offer you a wide variety of colours: opaque, metallic, chrome, candy, diamond, pearls and chameleon
If you can`t find the desired color in our catalog, we can get it for you. We just need the code of the color chosen within the European RAL color system.
Calculate how much paint you need to paint your boat
We have developed this formula so you can determine exactly how much paint you would need for your boat, taking into account that a 4l. can covers 4 m2.
All you need is to fill in the length and topside in metres and we will provide you with the quantity in liters of paint you would need.
*For a perfect finish, we recommend using a special Trident Nautic varnish. The estimated cost does not include the painting work.

Advantages of Nautical Liquid Vinyl

  • You save money on boatyard costs per day because nautical vinyl takes less time to apply
  • It protects the original surface
  • Wide color palette
  • It`s impermeable
  • It can be removed without damaging the original surface

Total liters estimation: l.

IMPORTANT: the number of liters implies only the base in matt black